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    FileMaker Go and Error 808



      FileMaker Go and Error 808



      I have a hosted solution which is about 800MB (lots of email and file attachments in one of the TO) and I am trying to download it on the iphone for use with FM Go. I've dragged the file across using iTunes but when I try and open the file up using FM Go I get "Error (808) Canon open file because of damaged access privileges.

      Now we developed this file using FileMaker Pro 10 from scratch and to my knowledge this file has never crashed (Theres two developers) and works in a variety of environments with FMP9,FMP10 and FMP11.

      Why would FM Go think the privileges are damaged when the File has been hosted backed up religiously and never crashed.

      Many Thanks


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          Others have reported the same problem here.

          I've read here that filemaker GO has "better" code for checking for file corruption and thus can detect file problems that current releases of filemaker pro cannot. (Why your file may be damaged is a mystery you may never be able to answer, unfortunately.)

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            Thank you for your post.

            The reply from PhilModJunk is correct (Thank you).  This is covered in Knowledge Base Article #7736:


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              Thank you TSGal and PhilModJunk for your replies.

              Cant believe there is no way to find out why FM Go thinks file privileges are damaged, might send my file to to the author of FMDiff to confirm the file hasn't crashed - just need to get permission from the data owners.

              TSGal read your article before posting, but its no good as all the backups we have would have the same problem (I cant see the file structure has changed much over the backup span we have which is 8 weeks 6 times a day, yes the data would have changed drastically as we have 4000 web users logging in and uploading data to it using our CWP front end). The File has never crashed - its been in a hosted environment which is up all the time. Yes we've taken the file down to set global fields and do a minor couple of things, but it never crashed.I use FileMaker Pro Advanced 11 myself and surely the consistency check between FMPA 11 and FMG should be virtually the same?

              Could it be the sheer size of the file? We have over 200,000 records and file is about 800MB?



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                The size of the file should not be a problem.

                As stated in the Knowledge Base Article, the consistency check between FileMaker Pro 11 and FileMaker Go are different.

                Try running Recover on the file.  Open the recovered file and see if you are able to access the file via FileMaker Go.

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                  Did a File recovery loads of blocks scanned no errors whatsoever built perfectly fine after about 20 minutes. Anyway moved the recovered file across to the iphone and it works! I dont want to put the recovered file on the network - how likely is it the original file will work if I try accessing it on FM Go from the network (darn ios4 the enterprise certificates aren't working so I cant sign onto our network yet to test)

                  Any chance of upgrading FileMaker 11 consistency check to match the "superior" fm go version - is it still worth me sending my file off to the fmdiff chap to check/confirm the file has not been crashed, would that be useful to you guys at FileMaker? 

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                    Thanks for the update.  I'm glad to see it is now working with FileMaker Go.

                    I appreciate the offer of sending in your file, and although I'm sure we would be able to find what is causing the error message, it is nearly impossible to determine what caused the problem in the first place.  There are too many factors involved.

                    99% of the time, Recover fixes the file so it is usable.  However, there is a remote chance that Recover doesn't catch everything, so that is why we recommend a previous backup/clone and then import the current data into the backup file.  With that being said, I would recommend sending the file back to "fmdiff chap" for verification and possibly receive an updated or correct file that you can import your recovered data.

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                      Dear TSGAL and Jalz:

                      I have been seeing the same error and, in my opinion, the KB article is not the best answer.  It's true that the Recover command will indeed remedy the problem and make the file OK again for use with FileMaker GO, but we have always been advised to not rely on a recovered file for anything except extracting data records for use in a "good" file.

                      Here's my experience.

                      I built a new file in FileMaker Advanced 11.  It is intended for use on a server running IWP so that approximately 1,000 companies can access their own records, to update their info between now and December.  Those users are companies who will be exhibiting at a trade show.  They are accessing the FP7 file which is hosted under IWP served by FileMaker 11 Server Advanced.   Prior to the trade show, the FP7 file will be taken offline and distributed to the trade show attendees for use in their mobile devices running FileMaker GO.  The solution is a substitute for a printed directory which has been discontinued for cost or "green" reasons.  So FileMaker Go is to become the carry-around replacement for a 200 page book.

                      Initially, I hosted the database on my own copy of FileMaker Server Advanced which I received with my FBA membership.  It's running on a Snow Leopard Mac Mini.  Of course, it is limited to only 5 IWP users, so after the first few weeks, activity began to grow, and I moved the file to a public IWP server that is also running FileMaker Server Advanced 11.  I'll call that the "commercial" server.

                      The solution has been running perfectly on both servers.  It has never crashed.

                      When it became necessary for the file to be put an the commercial server, I did not turn off FileMaker Server on my Mac Mini to make use of the currently running file.  Instead, I used the most recent backup edition, which I assumed to be a file that is not "open" or "in use."  I transferred it to the new commercial server by creating the normal Java app and using the UPLOAD FILE command.  The file processed normally, and has been accessible via IWP on the commercial server ever since.

                      In preparation for an interim demo to a customer, and also to bring the solution with me to the FMPUG meeting in Dallas on September 10 which was featuring a FileMaker GO presentation by three FMI executives, I decided to put a copy of the solution on my iPad.  Using my FTP access to the commercial server, I retrieved the most recent backup copy, leaving the "current" copy running normally.  When I sync'd the file to my iPad the way I have done with other FMP files, it produced the 808 error message.  That was three days ago.

                      Today I decided to try it again.  This time, instead of retrieving a copy of the file from the "commercial" server, I went to my Mac Mini for a fresh backup copy and sync'd that to my iPad.  I got the same 808 error message.

                      Now I am suspicious that something is being done to a file when it becomes hosted by FileMaker Server Advanced 11 that affects the access privileges.  So here is what I did as a test.  On my Mac Mini where FileMaker Server Advanced is running, I also have a copy of FileMaker Pro.  I opened on of the template files that ships with FileMaker Pro, "To Do List.fp7"  I added one record and closed the file.  Then, I uploaded it to FileMaker Server 11 Advanced; no problem.  Then, FileMaker Advanced 11 on my laptop, I accessed the file using Open Remote.  It opened  file, and I created a second record, then closed the file.  Then, using the Server Admin utility, I created a custom backup schedule to backup the To Do List.fp7 file.

                      Then, I launched iTunes and migrated the To Do List.fp7 to my iPad, and it opened without the 808 error.

                      At this point, the only thing that is different (regarding access privileges) is that To Do List.fp7 has no security other than the file defaults, whereas my solution has accounts and privilege sets that I have created.

                      I will do more testing next time creating accounts and privilege sets and then repeating the process.  Meanwhile, I would appreciate any advice as to how I can make use of my currently hosted file, without having to perform a Recover command on it if that can be avoided.

                      PS  On Friday, I did try using the Recover command and yes, it did make the file work on FileMaker Go, but of course, it created a layout called Recover.log and that's where my open script now goes.