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Filemaker go and import from remote

Question asked by Gary_1 on Apr 5, 2015
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Filemaker go and import from remote


I'm new to filemaker so any help would be great. I have seen many posts on this same issue but I can't seem to solve my problem. It seems so simple.

I'm using fm13 advanced.

I created a source file with one table and one layout. I then created a target file in which I ran a manual import from the source file. This created the layout and the table.

I created a script in target

goto layout

delete all records

import records using fmnet:/ip address/source.fmp12

On my ipad i can see the source file under hosts. I can open the file and see the data I want to import

I open the target file on the ipad and run the script. The data deletes and I get the message source.fmp12 could not be opened. (not found). I assume a problem with my fmnet entry but I don't know how to fix it. My IP address begins with 192 so I have seen a post saying that it is a private address. Not sure if that is the issue since I can see and edit the data in the host file on the ipad. The source.fmp12 is located in a subfolder in my documents folder.

Help please