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    FileMaker GO and signing PDF's



      FileMaker GO and signing PDF's



           I have a container field within my FileMaker GO application.

           This container field contains a pdf-file.

           I need to open the pdf-file, sign the pdf and to put the signed pdf within the same (or another) container field.

           For the moment, I open and sign the pdf via the Acrobat Reader app.

           The signed document is saved within the app, but how can I get the signed document within FileMaker Go again, without using Itunes.

           Your help is much appreciated !


           Luc Jolie




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               Luc Jolie:

               Thank you for your post.

               FileMaker Go can only import files that are in the same work area.  If the PDF file is located in a different work area, then you must use iTunes to move the file back into the FileMaker Go work area.  Once there, you can insert the PDF file into the Container field.

               FileMaker, Inc.

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                 Hi Luc Jolie,

                 The PDF you are using and trying to sign, where does it come from? Are you able to recreate the PDF using a Filemaker layout at all?

                 If you are then you could use a container and the signature feature to capture the signature onto a layout and then PDF the layout to get your signed PDF

                 -- Orlando