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Filemaker Go cannot be relied on

Question asked by peterchech on May 18, 2014
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Filemaker Go cannot be relied on


     What else can I say, take it as a warning if you are doing important work using filemaker go.

     I made a database for photos uploaded to an ipad. Employees use it to take photos of certain properties. It was working, for a while at least.

     About two weeks ago, after a full day of taking these photos, I downloaded the file to my computer and it was blank. No photos present at all. I thought maybe the employee did it wrong, didn't save the photos properly or something. Re-trained them.

     It then worked for a few more days of photographing, so I thought it was employee error. I downloaded a few hundred more photos from the ipad it was working as it's supposed to.

     Then yesterday they spent another entire day taking photos. I'm paying them for this mind you. At the end of the day I could scroll through the photos on the ipad. So they were there. I downloaded them to my computer using itunes, and NOTHING. All photos were gone, it was essentially the same file that I had uploaded to the ipad originally.

     I opened the ipad, unplugged from the computer, and the photos were still visible on the filemaker go app, over 100 of them. So I thought maybe I had to close the app and re-open to make the connection with itunes. I closed, re-opened and NOTHING!!!! All the photos dissapeared, all the time-sensitive work of an entire day, the payroll of two employees for an entire day, all GONE.

     I rely on filemaker for everything, but filemaker go apparently is too risky to rely on for real work. I'm very upset obviously not so much for the waste of salary and morale, but the fact that this is time sensitive work which I relied on filemaker go for and it let me down.