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    FileMaker Go Column Printing Error



      FileMaker Go Column Printing Error


      I am having an issue preparing a PDF report on FileMaker Go on an iPhone 4s.  I have a report script that prepares a subsummary report and then uses the "Save as PDF" script step to create a PDF of the report.  The report has 2 columns in the body part.  The non body parts of the report are appearing in the PDF as if they were limited to the left column.  The body part shows data as you would expect it, with data in the left and right column.  

      To eliminate the possiblity of this being an issue with my report, I created a test file, used the layout wizard to create a new report layout, then made the body part have 2 columns.  This second test file produced exactly the same result; all other parts of the report were in what would be the left column.

      I have attached a screenshot where the top half shows the PDF generated on FileMaker Go 1.2.3 and the bottom half shows the preview mode on FileMaker Pro 11.04 (which is exactly what the PDF looks like that is generated by FileMaker Pro).  I have put red arrows to show where the text is being pushed to the left.

      Please let me know if anyone has seen this, or more importantly if there is a solution to this problem.



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          Are these the same layout viewed on the two platforms or different layouts?

          Assuming these are two different layouts, one customized for Filemaker and the other for GO devices, I think the difference is in the column order specified in layout setup.... One is set to fill the columns from left to right and the other from top to bottom. Check the printing tab in layout setup and see if this may be the case here.

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            These are the same layout.  That layout is set to print across first.

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              Thank you for your post.

              I am able to replicate the problem.  It appears any objects that appear in the leading Sub-Summary truncates (or wraps around) at the end of the first column set up for the Body part.  The same manifestation exists in a trailing Sub-Summary as well as a leading and trailing Grand Summary.  The Header and Footer parts work as expected.  I have forwarded your post along with my findings to our Development and Testing departments for further review.  I will keep you posted as information becomes available to me.

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