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FileMaker Go crash and loose records

Question asked by DavidMansfield_2 on Aug 14, 2015
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FileMaker Go crash and loose records


Hi all,

We have been having problems with a new database we made running in FileMaker Go 14 (offline, not connected to server).

We had the same problem in an old database on FMgo13.

Occasionally users will be creating records in a portal, maybe 3, maybe 20 and then FileMaker crashes (this can be after 1 minute of adding records or 30minutes).

When they re-open the file, everything they added in that session to the portal is gone! as if it did not save anything.
I find it odd as I believed that FileMaker working as a database was saving each field even when you exit to go to another field, however it feels like the iPad app is using a cache version of the database, and then only saving some of the most recent changes when it exits.

Does anyone else experience this when working with files stored locally on the FMgo app?