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Filemaker Go Crashing and Damaging File

Question asked by MatthewMackay on Sep 6, 2011
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Filemaker Go Crashing and Damaging File


Afternoon all,


I have been experiencing some issues with my Filemaker Go solution recently and it appears to be getting worse. My solution has been crashing a few times each day. Can't find any consistent reason for the problem. Some times it will be just after taking a photo, sometimes when adding a value to a drop down list and at other time just entering a field.

Whilst working with my solution today, it crashed just after taking a photo, the file then became damaged and I couldn't open it within Filemaker Go. My solution is used to create property inventories. As I had completed half of the property already, I created a new file on the device and finished off the rest of the house.

Having travelled back to my office to try and copy over images etc from the newer file in to my recovered file, I found that the last set of photos I had taken before it crashed were gone. The records didn't exist any more. This has affected the final report and therefore my relationship with a client.

Is there any way to ensure this kind of thing won't happen again or any preventative measures I can take?