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Filemaker Go data sharing

Question asked by snimmo on Nov 7, 2012
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Filemaker Go data sharing


     New to Filemaker so trying to get a grasp on how thes pieces fit together. Want to be able to connect to a common database using Filemake Go so I can work interactively with the database with multiple users using Filemaker Go. It seems you can do this with regular Filemaker 12 but do not want my user to have to purchase a license for Filemaker to interact with my database.

     I think I can publish to a web database but will that allow Filemaker Go 12 users to update the database so other Filemake Go users can see the changes as well? I'm hoping Filemaker Go can be a real time client with my database.

     Please point me in the right direction on which tools and approach to use.

     Thanks in advance.