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Filemaker Go email with pdf

Question asked by DavidStacey on Feb 14, 2013
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Filemaker Go email with pdf



     I have a fair bit of superficial knowledge of FM, but some of the deeper scripting leaves me cold!

     I have created an involved database on my Mac, which handles contact management, order processing (sales and purchase) invoicing and much more including  the sending of pricelists, via send as pdf, which creates an email addressed to who I want it to go to, with subject and email content - all works very nicely on the Mac with no issues (well maybe one or two...)

     I want to have some of this functionality on my iPhone 5, mainly sending pricelists.

     I am using FM 12 Pro Advanced and Filemaker Go 12.

     I have created a contact management and pricelist layouts for the iPhone - all OK, but I can't get the pdf of the pricelist to attach to the email, the send mail part works perfectly.

     I found a script, but whatever I do, it just doesn't work, I have spent a whole day and am now going a little crazy, this is the script I am using for a product called BACKUP:


Set Variable [ $Output; Value: Get( TemporaryPath ) & "Backup IOS.pdf" ]

Save Records as PDF [ File Name: “$Output”; Records being browsed ]

Send Mail [ Send via E-mail Client; To: Prem Ass Database::Email; Subject: "Back Up 2012 Pricelist"; Message: "Hi" & " " & Prem Ass Database::First & "¶¶" &

"Thank you for your inquiry, please find" & "¶" & "attached our Back Up pricelist as requested." & "¶¶" &

"Video:" & "¶¶" & "Regards" & "¶¶" &

"David" & "¶¶"; Attachment: “file:"$Output"” ] [ No dialog ]


I have tried all sorts of substitutions and file names with no luck - Please help !!

          Thanks in anticipation