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FileMaker Go IMPORT does not work!

Question asked by RobertoTrevisan on Apr 6, 2012
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FileMaker Go IMPORT does not work!


FMgo 1.2.4 on iPad 3

Target DB  and Source DB both hosted on FileMaker Pro 11

There is a script on Target DB that imports record from Source DB (same fields)

If you run the script on FMgo (with both DB open), a window asks you to access the source DB (even with guest full access it will ask for Admin, even if no pass), but even if you do, you get a "(803): File already open but single user".

- both files are shared

- external data sources are fine

- the import runs without problems if done in another client PC on regular FMpro.

I am in the middle of delivering a solution: this is really a drag.

Any help ?