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FileMaker Go integration with cached maps

Question asked by ReidCamp on Oct 11, 2013
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FileMaker Go integration with cached maps


     Hello all,

     I've spent a lot of time searching, and I don't think this capability exists yet; however, I am going to ask here anyway:

     Has anyone been able to interact with cached maps within FM Go solutions while offline?

     I am a biologist and use FM solutions to collect a lot of our data. However, it would be extremely beneficial if we could integrate interactive maps while in the field (no internet, no cell coverage).

     We currently use GISPro to cache maps and add GPS locations to supplement our location data from FM solutions. The benefit in GISPro is being able to drag a cross hair to where you want the waypoint to be marked. We want that ability/technology built into FileMaker.

     Has anyone been able to do something similar?