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    Filemaker Go Issues



      Filemaker Go Issues


           I am new to the filemaker community. I have tried to turn on file sharing on a FMP Advance 13 database. It keeps telling me that another user already is sharing a file. I have dropbox and I just read I might be able to use it to share FMP Adv 13 databases with FMP Go. I have a iPhone 5s with Go on it running iOS 7. First I would like to connect to any database with Go. I read there are some out there to try. I tried adding the file in iTunes under the app tab and Add file. It says I don't have permission.

           One problem is I am on Version Home Fusion. I don't have a static IP and I can't share files on the Internet.

      I really haven't finished lessons at Lynda.com on FMP. So I am a new bee. But I have developed programs so I am not completely lost. I was hoping sharing a database was easier.

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               I read about the issue where you have to login to your iPhone before you can transfer to the iOS device. But I still would like to know how to use dropbox. I am imagining that I just get the share link in dropbox and plugin to Go?

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                 I figured out the next step. You use the dropbox app on iOS to open to Filemaker Go. Very cool.

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                   But keep in mind that you aren't "sharing" the database as we usually mean that term here in FileMaker land. "Sharing" means two or more users accessing the same file and making changes to the same data in that file. With Drop Box or iTunes, you are copying the file to and from your iOS device. If you pull a copy onto your iOS device and modify data and open up the original copy of your file in FlieMaker Pro on your computer and make changes, you now have two different copies of your database with different data in each.

                   PS. You can also send a file back to drop box from FM GO to copy it back to your computer.