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Filemaker Go Issues

Question asked by coodesign1 on Jul 3, 2014
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Filemaker Go Issues


     I am new to the filemaker community. I have tried to turn on file sharing on a FMP Advance 13 database. It keeps telling me that another user already is sharing a file. I have dropbox and I just read I might be able to use it to share FMP Adv 13 databases with FMP Go. I have a iPhone 5s with Go on it running iOS 7. First I would like to connect to any database with Go. I read there are some out there to try. I tried adding the file in iTunes under the app tab and Add file. It says I don't have permission.

     One problem is I am on Version Home Fusion. I don't have a static IP and I can't share files on the Internet.

I really haven't finished lessons at on FMP. So I am a new bee. But I have developed programs so I am not completely lost. I was hoping sharing a database was easier.