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FileMaker GO Known Bugs List

Question asked by philmodjunk on Aug 12, 2010


FileMaker GO Known Bugs List


Just as we have a Known Bug List for FileMaker Pro and Server bugs, I've started such a list for FileMaker GO bugs that have been acknowledged in this Forum by a FileMaker tech rep.

It's located in the Report an Issue forum, but you can use this link to get to it: Known Buglist for Filemaker GO

You can open this list and use your browser's text search tool to search the list for key words to see if a problem you have encountered has been previously reported and acknowledged by Filemaker. You can also add this list to your favorites to make it easy to find again or subscribe to it so you are notified by email when a new bug link is added to the list.

Whether the bug is posted here or in Report an Issue, once acknowledged, I'll include a link to the thread in this list. If you see bug that you think should be included, feel free to let me know via private message.

This list is part of a Filemaker Database that can be downloaded from:

Currently, I am uploading a new version of this file every Friday afternoon though the number of acknowledged bugs in a given week could change that interval.