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FileMaker Go layout issues

Question asked by tokerud_1 on May 14, 2015
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FileMaker Go layout issues


Layouts for iOS of file (created in 13 but opened in 14) show irregularities. Same file opened in 13 with Go 13 look great, exactly as we created them. This solution contains separate layouts for 4 sizes of iPhone.

List looks fine in layout mode. In browse on iPhone the footer has gained an unsightly gradient. WTF?

Form looks fine in layout mode.

In browse mode on iPhone5 the text in a popup list field (category) has mysteriously repositioned itself so that the top of the ascenders are not even visible. Same file opened in FMP13 and accessed via FMGo13 shows the exact same text vertically centered in that field.This problem appears in most fields on the iPhone6 Why is this? Has something changed in FMGo14 regarding how margins and padding appear? Why does it appear correctly in layout but not on iPhone? [see screen grab attached].

Also in browse mode, the solid background color (gray) that is assigned to the Body part, is replaced by part gray and part white. There are 2 screen grabs because the positioning of these areas was not the same each time that layout was chosen. Again, WTF?