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    FileMaker Go Menu Items



      FileMaker Go Menu Items


      Just come back to FileMaker after 17 years, bit rusty.

      I have the user going to the correct layout and preventing them from going to any other layout.

      I want the user to be able to edit and add records but not delete records.

      I created a 'privilege set' for the user

      However in FileMaker Go they can still deleting records.

      Thanks in advance

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          Thank you for your post.

          I am unable to replicate the problem.  I have several privilege sets that allow me to add/edit records, but do not delete.  I've opened these files under FileMaker Go (on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch), and the privileges will not allow me to delete a record.

          Try using the built-in Guest account and see if you are able to delete records.

          Perhaps you can provide more information/details about the privilege set being used.

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