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Filemaker Go PDF orientation issue

Question asked by TravisLewis on Jun 25, 2013
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Filemaker Go PDF orientation issue


     I have a database hosted with Filemaker Server 12, the container fields are stored externally non-encrypted. We are using IPads to gather field data, hence the need for Filemaker Go.

     I insert a PDF into a container and it seems to display in the correct orientation inside the FM Pro environment, but when I bring this up into Filemaker Go, it shows the container content flipped counterclockwise, orienting it in the wrong direction. This is not an issue in Filemaker Pro, nor is it an issue when the PDF is selected to be opened and viewed on the iPad, it's only when the PDF is being displayed inside the container field itself. This doesn't seem to occure with all PDF's, but I can't seem to find a commen denominator causing only certain ones to do this either. Any help is appreciated.