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Filemaker GO primer

Question asked by FilmUser on Aug 20, 2014
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Filemaker GO primer


     I've been using FMP since 3, and manage a database for a large firm, a few thousand records, 10 - 12 tables, with 20 or so users.

     Some of them travel, and have iPhones and iPads. Occasionally, they would like to access limited amounts of data on an I-device. I have no experience with Filemaker Go at all.

     I did a search in the Knowledge Base for various combinations of Filemaker , Go, 12, basics, selecting Filemaker Go in the product choice popup. None of the results were about any of those things - kind of surprising on this web site.

     Anyhow - can someone direct (or link) me to a source (white paper, doc, etc) by FMP that addresses the issues to be considered, initial deployment, layout considerations, etc?