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Filemaker Go Remote

Question asked by MikedeAlmeida on Aug 16, 2010
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Filemaker Go Remote



We are running Filemaker Pro 10 for our inventory, to do lists and other things.  We have FMpro on one machine that is shared by 2 other people that contribute using the web interface.  I bought FMGO to allow me to update the computer inventory and my to do list while not near a computer.  It works great sending the files through Dropbox to the iPad and updating.  I don't know how to get the changes back to Dropbox, though.  I also can't connect to the Filemaker network with FMPro for some reason.  I think it's due to the wireless routers on campus being in a different subnet then the FMPro machine.  So 2 questions.

1> Is it possible to share this database over the Filemaker Network being on 2 different subnets?

2> Is is possible to send the changes back to Dropbox from the iPad to reload the file in FMPro?

Thank you for your help.

Mike D
Audio/Computer Tech
University of Hartford