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FileMaker Go run while sleeping

Question asked by HortGroup on Jun 24, 2015
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FileMaker Go run while sleeping



I have searched all over but can find no answer. I am developing a solution that includes a timer. This will be used by landscaping crews. We have determined how long they should be doing certain tasks. So, for example, property 1 will take 15 minutes to mow. So the crews will press start, which performs a script that uses install ontimer script. Then they get to work. When they're done they press finish. But while they work the layout will be a giant field that shows how much time they have left, in minutes. It works, unless I use it in Go, and put the iPad to sleep. Then it stops until the screen re-awakens. Is it possible to make FMGo run while the iPad is sleeping? Does any of this make sense to anyone?