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FileMaker Go Speed Challenges

Question asked by ntay on Oct 4, 2011
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FileMaker Go Speed Challenges


 I'm getting started with FileMaker Go on iPad and am becoming frustrated with the poor user experience caused by how slow the system is in a variety of ways.  My file is on a remote server and it also has an external data source setup to a SQL server.  We have robust WiFi in all our locations so I really don't want to have to delve into sync'ing if it can be avoided. 

  • Screen redraws when switching between layouts or rotating the iPad - you can actually see blocks like a puzzle putting itself together.
  • It's taking up to 4 seconds for a simple pop-up menu choice to actually show in the field after making the selection.
  • Using a checkmark image in a global container field in a utility table and setting up a button to copy that image into the field in list view when a user touches the box (Could FileMaker please give us better looking built in check boxes?) - this is taking about 2-3 seconds from the tap until you can actually see the checkmark AND the redraw of the checkmark is so slow that you can actually see it being drawn in two passes.  The checkmark image is only a 189 byte PNG.  I did try this locally on the iPad and it was faster, but still a little bit sluggish.  It seems like something so simple should be instant.

It's starting to seem like the only way to get acceptable performance is by having the file locally on the iPad and syncing with the server.  I was hoping to avoid doing that....