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    Filemaker Go with Windows



      Filemaker Go with Windows


      I would like to use filemaker go on my ipad, but I use filemaker pro advanced on my windows pc. Is it possible to use filemaker go with windows?


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          The two applications are designed to work together. The file you create and/or modify with FileMaker Advanced can then be opened on your iPad with FileMaker Go--either by copying the file to your iPad or by hosting the file in FileMaker Advanced or Server and using FM GO on the iPad to connect to it as a client.

          Putting FM GO on your computer, even if it worked, would do nothing for you that FileMaker Advanced cannot already do for you.

          This assumes that you have FileMaker Advanced 12 or 13 on your windows computer.

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            I thought it should work. I just needed to verify it.

            Thanks for the help.