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Filemaker Go won't show host files. IWP works fine from host!

Question asked by DoubleDee on May 7, 2012
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Filemaker Go won't show host files. IWP works fine from host!


I could really, really use some help. It took me a very long while to figure out how to publish my FM DB on IWP. it's done and that's not my issue. I can connect to the DB on IWP using the static IP address on any browser anywhere. No problems. To do that, I had to hard wire my modem to the host computer and bypass my Airport Express wifi. I gave up ever getting the Airport express to publish FM to the WAN.

Here's my problem:

The TCP/IP address that FM Network gives, returns "no files available" on every device using every FM product when trying to connect remotely either LAN or WAN. It shows both addresses in the filemaker sharing network dialog box, which is confusing, but I've used both of them and neither will work. All the documentation that I can find says simply enter your IP address (when making a new host in FM GO) and whoosh! you get connected. Problem is that I cannot seem to do it on the wired computer. However, locally, my laptop computer which is NOT my server shows FM files fine when sharing them and all the devices can connect to them without problems. That goes automatically through the wifi, and shows in the search for hosts in FM GO. But the wired host computer database is invisible to every device. I've used every configuration of IP addresses that I can think of, including the IP for IWP with the :591 port added at the end. That's what works for IWP through a browser

searching for hosts on FM GO does show the computer that has the DB hosted, but then it won't connect to FM files, saying none are available.

I think that I'm supposed to forward ports 591 for IWP, and 5003 for FMNetwork, and I think I've done that, but it wasn't necessary when I was on wifi and just tried to connect locally.

I have FM GO on several phones and ipads and FM Pro on a laptop. I would kind of enjoy using the native apps instead of the clunky web publishing interface. (understatement).

It's just so weird that everything can connect except the one thing that I really need! The server connects to the web. The laptop connects locally to FM GO. But the server won't connect to ANY Filemaker product now that I have a static IP and am wired up.

Please help! Thank you.

FMPro 11, Mac OSX Lion, iOS 5.1, FM GO is up to date too