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Filemaker Go works on external wi fi but not on 3G

Question asked by StephenRandles on Feb 7, 2011
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Filemaker Go works on external wi fi but not on 3G


Hi all

This is my first time on any kind of forum so please forgive me if I have done it wrong!

Here is my problem:

I have an iMac running OS X 10.6.6 and Filemaker Pro 10 in my office.

I also have a MacBook and a MacBook Pro that we use when away from the office. (Both are also running OS X 10.6.6 and Filemaker Pro 10)

These connect perfectly to the database located on the iMac (either when at the office or from home or any other wi fi location) and do everything we need! Its brilliant, thank you to all at Filemaker!

I have recently (September 2010) got an iPhone 4 and Filemaker Go.

This also worked wonderfully initially.

However, since about two weeks ago, I can no longer access my database when using a 3G connection. It used to, but not now.

It still connects when using wi fi. Both in the office and at home or any other wi fi location.

All the help I have read so far about this sort of problem points to router settings etc. I have checked and port 5003 is forwarding correctly and the firewall is disabled. I have a static external IP address. 

I have not (knowingly!) changed any settings.

Also, if the iPhone could connect before (and still does if I am using someones wi fi connection), and both the other computers still do, doesn't that show that the settings are all ok?

Anyway, it has beaten me and I am hoping someone out there has the answer!

Thanks in advance for your help