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Filemaker GO(ipad) + Filemaker Pro + ODBC(External Data)

Question asked by CharlesRosenberg on Apr 20, 2011
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Filemaker GO(ipad) + Filemaker Pro + ODBC(External Data)


I have been trying to search through the forums, but I guess my search skills are not very good and I apologize if this has been addressed.  I do not currently have Filemaker, but I wish to know if it will handle some things before I drop the money to get it.

I have a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 database on a windows machine acting as a server.  From what I understand of Filemaker Pro/Advanced, it can connect to external data sources like SQL Server.  Also from what I understand, Filemaker GO on the iPad can connect to and use Filemaker Pro databases on a network without having to download a copy of the database if so inclined.  

My question is this: if I setup a database that connects to the aforementioned Microsoft SQL Server with forms, menus, etc, using Filemaker Pro and have it running on a computer on the network all the time, will I be able to use Filemaker GO on the iPad to access the Filemaker Pro database on the network without any problems?  In simple terms, I need to access the Microsoft SQL Server data on the iPad using Filemaker Pro as the In-between.  

Points of notice:
1.  I cannot change the server from Microsoft SQL Server to something else.  Written in stone.
2.  I wish to access the data in real-time, i.e. not cached, since the data updates in the database quite often. Often within seconds of the last update.  
3.  I want to be able to edit data on the iPad as well.  Updates have to be 2-way.
4.  The data amount is not huge.  This is not a huge operation, but something for a small SOHO-type of setup. 

Thank you in advance for any help and suggestions!