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Filemaker Go, embedding video files

Question asked by JodinePerkins on May 12, 2015
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Filemaker Go, embedding video files


I am trying to embed video files within Filemaker Go using an iPad, but...

1. Only 8 of the videos that I have stored on the iPad show up as being able to be embedded. They all seem to be stored in the same place on the iPad (in the Videos app).

2. How can I set the container to external storage in Filemaker Go?  I can do it in Filemaker pro on my Mac, but can't figure out how to do it on the iPad.  I want to embed 250 large video files, so I don't want to have a huge database, but rather have it go out to the files stored on the iPad.  I also don't want to just use an external url because we use this devise in many situations when there is no Internet (it's just a wifi enabled iPad) and we need to be able to get to the videos anywhere.  It would also work if we could somehow put the internal path name in the database and have it open up the video file in the video app.

Much thanks to anyone who can help with advice or resources.