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    Filemaker Go/Barcoding Setup



      Filemaker Go/Barcoding Setup


      Hey all,


      I'm trying to set up a barcoding solution that allows us to automatically locate records upon scanning with filemaker go. So far, I've configured the scanner (scanfob 2002) so that it inputs when a field is selected, but I can't seem to get an any script triggers to work. I think I've set them up correctly, but it seems to never take it. I've even configured the prefixes to correspond to the TriggerKeystroke function, but that doesn't seem to work no matter what I do. Here's an example of a script that I want to be run when an object is selected:

      Enter Find Mode [Pause]

      If [Code ( Get ( TriggerKeystroke ) ) = 13]

      Perform Find

      Exit Script [Result:False]

      End If


      In this case, I'm trying to simply get Filemaker to recognize the "Return" that my scanner is set up with as a suffix, but it won't do it.

      From what I've gleaned off these forums, it seems as if everything should be working, but I've had no luck with either OnLayoutKeystroke triggers or these OnObjectKeystrokes. Could anyone help shed some light on this?






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          I ran into this when setting up my inventory solution.  The way I got around it was reprogramming the end character of the scanner, as I recall.  There's a link online from most of the retailers I've found (specifically ZeroBlue) that allows you to download the "programming" barcode files.


          If you can't find that let me know and I'll try to dig it up (it's been MONTHS ago that I set mine up and I'll admit I'm a little foggy on all the details of how it went down).

          Have you tried setting up the field behavior to allow for exiting the field upon a carriage return in the inspector? That exiting is what triggers my scripting...

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            I think that enter find mode [pause] step is going to be a source of trouble. That line will pause your script until the enter key (code = 10) is pressed.

            I'd set this up to scan into a field with global storage. Then use the onObjectExit trigger to start up the find script which can then use set field with the scanned data in the global field to set up the find criteria:

            Enter find mode [] //note: pause check box is cleared.
            Set field [Yourtable::barcodefield ; YourTable::Globalbarcodefield ]
            Set Error capture [on]
            Perform Find []