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    FileMaker Pro 7 on iPad



      FileMaker Pro 7 on iPad


      I have uploaded FileMaker Go to both my Mac and my iPad (new), and have synched my database through iTunes.  However, I cannot find it on my iPad.  Since I am recently new to the iPad I need some help to be able to acess FileMaker (fmp7) database on my iPad when in the field.  I am hoping that i do not need to upgrade to FM Pro 11.  Do I need to purchase FileMaker Go 12 first?

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          Markus Schneider
          Synk won't help here... In iTunes, select Your iPad, then the 'apps'-section on the right of the iTunes window (the 'big' part...). Scroll down, in the lower part of the screen, there are Your apps that can exchange files over iTunes. Select FileMaker Go, the press the 'add' button on the lower right - and choose Your FileMaker file frm the Mac. HTH
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            The question leaves out a few facts but 

            1. Locate the Go icon in the IOS browser and tap to open Go

            2. In the list view that opens locate the file name and tap it or

            3. Click on the Open File Browser button at the top

            4. Click on Files on Device to locate one copied over using iTunes

            Once you open a file it then appears in the Recent Files list (which can grow quite large) but can be removed by swiping across the name and taping delete.

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              Back to the question:

              You need either Filemaker Go (purchase) or Filemaker Go 12 (Free) onyour ios device and you must download this from the iTunes store.

              Filemaker Go 1 should be able to open 7-11 files but I am not sure, so check.

              Filemaker Go 12 requires .fmp12 files so your .fp7 file will need to be upgraded which may require a bit or a lot of debugging.

              So, let's assume you purchase Go 1.x from iTunes and it is automaticaly loaded on your IOS device.

              Now you open iTunes, click on your ios device name in the list on the left, then click on the app button on the right. Scroll down to the bottom of the window and locate the Filemaker item and click on it and then click on the add button, locate the file and do the save thing. iTunes now transfer a copy of the file from your computer to your IOS device.

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                Carl Streeter:

                Thank you for your post.

                All information above is correct.  For clarification from "Jack Rodgers", FileMaker Go 1.2 can open FileMaker Pro 7-11 files locally or remotely.

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