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FileMaker, Inc. Notice - Possible FileMaker Go issue

Question asked by TSGal on Jul 1, 2013


FileMaker, Inc. Notice - Possible FileMaker Go issue


     There have been a few reports from customers calling inot our Technical Support department where FileMaker Go is not always able to find hosts or hosted files via Bonjour.

     The experience that has been reported is from the home screen, when you select a host under the recent list, no files appear.  Or, if you tap the host sections, no hosts appear.

     The reported workarounds include:

  •           Continually going in and out of the hosts lists
  •           Complete quitting from multi-tasking
  •           Quit FileMaker Go, and then toggle Wi-Fi on and off (This one appears to be the most reliable workaround)

     If you have encountered this issue, please let us know what steps you have taken.  We are trying to determine how widespread this issue is.

     FileMaker, Inc.