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FilemakerGo 12 and webviewer limitation

Question asked by djusmin on May 3, 2012
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FilemakerGo 12 and webviewer limitation


Hi All,

I have an filemaker file that use webviewer to display the container image.  With desktop version path of image can be point to the folder where image resided.

The problem arise when i have to deploy that as a local file for FilemakerGo on ipad.  Container field has to set at local.  A script is set to export the image to filemakerapp path.

Here is the problem ISO5 safari deosn't allow pointing of any images that stored in exteral path and I am not aware of displaying the container field directly from the field without export the container externally first.

wouldn't it be great if we can do

"data:image/jpeg;base64," & GetAsbase64 ( image::container )