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Find operators not an option for number fields

Question asked by peterchech on Dec 28, 2014
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Find operators not an option for number fields


Two weird things are happening when I do a find in fm go, on a database I just created. These do not happen on previous databases though and i cant tell why.


When I search a number field, instead of the full keyboard I only get a numerical keyboard. There are no search operators, just numbers, a decimal point and a plus/minus key. So I can't search, for example, ">4".

Also in this same database, I can't find a number that is in a text field. For example, one text field has the values 2, 4a and 15f. When I search for "2", or "*2*"no records are found, even though there are at least 200 such records.

These finds all work as normal on the computer, it's just on the iPad they don't work for this particular database... What am I doing wrong here?

ipad air 2, fm go 13.