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FM 13 Go Crash/Quit

Question asked by ZacharyHutchinson on Apr 22, 2015
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FM 13 Go Crash/Quit


Using FM13 Go on iPad Air 2, accessing a smallish db running on an FM 12 server....

At random FM13 Go just quits. I hesitate to call it a crash. I can't find any FM crash logs if I sync the ipad. The whole app just closes without message or anything. It will start right back up and you can continue. I cannot reproduce it, but if you use it for several hours, you might experience a crash 1-3 times. I have seen it happen with button pushes and accessing fields. I cannot say I have seen it happen if the app is just sitting idle.

I have search the web and this site but have not found any pointers. I would appreciate some insight if there is any to be had. Thanks in advance.