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    FM Go



      FM Go


       I updated to FM 12 -  Since then I am not able to open my database on FM Go -  I have port 5003 open on the network

      Does anyone have any idea of what is going on.

      I had FM 11 and FM go was opening the database now it says it cannot be found




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          Have you downloaded FM Go 12 from the iTunes Apps Store to your iPhone or iPad?

          Did you convert your database to FMP 12 on your Mac or PC?

          Version 11 and 12 are incompatible.  If your database is still version 11 (.fp7) then use FM Go 11 on your iPhone or iPad instead.

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            I have updated my desktop with FM 12 - So the file was converted

            Now FM Go on my IPAD is still on 11 -

            So if I understand you correctly I have to purchase an upgrade for FM Go 12 so I can also upgrade my IPAD and I will be able to open the file

            I assume this is not a free upgrade on the FM Go - Correct? 

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               I just checked my IPAD and the only File Maker Go available if 11 for IPAD?

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                Check the iTunes App Store for FileMaker Go 12.  It's a free download.  The FM Go 12 icon is a slightly different colour so be careful which version you are launching.

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                   Thanks I got it