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    FM Go 12 Freeze Window Bug?



      FM Go 12 Freeze Window Bug?


      There seems to be a bug with the freeze window script step with FM Go 12.  If I have a set of records I want to loop through on a layout and I freeze the display before the loop, when the loop ends, the record pointer is on the right record but the display is on the first record in the set (script always starts with a Go To First Record step).  I need to manually go to the previous record and forward to the record I need to adjust the display to the correct record.  I can also do this within the script by doing a refresh window to turn off the freeze and then doing a Next then Previous record nav.

      Has this been reported as a bug?

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          Bugs are best reported by clicking the Report An Issue tab and posting your report there. I do not see any such report for FileMaker Go in my unofficial Known Bugs List database.

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            I haven't paid too much attention to this since most such scripts are for updating but here is a possible solution:

            Put the record number you want to return to in to a variable. This can be the first record or it can be the last record.

            go to record first
            $_record = record number 
              $_record = record number
              go to record next
              $_record = record number
            end loop
            go to record $_record

            Here I show three options for grabbing the record number you want to go to, eliminate two and keep one.

            The last option will return the next to last record, the middle the last and the top the starting record number. 


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              Thanks for the reply, Jack.  But, I don't think there is any issue with how I get to the target record.  The issue is if the script freezes the display first, it won't be updated correctly to show the record that's been landed on within the script.  I have to do a refresh window to turn freeze off and then nav in some way to update the display.

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                Try this:

                Insert a Commit Record whenever you make a change...


                your old script upto the go to layout

                $_window = get window name

                New window'

                go to layout

                close window $_window

                Extra labor here but that's what the price is for using a User Friendly Database...right? Assuming this works of course.


                Refresh Window
                Go To layout


                Go To Layout
                Refresh window

                Also a commit record in there will also force an update. Most developers seem to ignore Commit Record and resist using it. "It ain't necessary until it is (and then you'll spend hours trying to resolve the issue where it would not have been a problem if Commit record is used all the time)." 

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                  Just an FYI to anyone following this issue, today's FM Go update 12.04 did not correct this issue.

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                    Since this does not appear to have been posted in Report an Issue, I wonder if the FileMaker Techs know that this issue exists.

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                      David Wolfe:

                      Thank you for your post, and I apologize for the late reply.

                      I won't try asking your to try different scenarios, as it looks like you've tried everything.  Therefore, I would like to get a copy of your database file so I can work with it here to see your script and what exactly what is causing the problem.  (There is a remote possibility it isn't the Freeze Window script step).  Check your Inbox at the top of this page for instructions where to send the file.

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