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FM GO 12 with odbc

Question asked by applelakshan1 on Dec 10, 2012
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FM GO 12 with odbc


     Hello Experts, 

     My client need a solution  Filemaker linked with mysql database which they can access  via iPads while they are traveling. 

     This is how im going to do it. its shame that i do not have machine to test this setup, I do have one Mac server that installed FM11 server but im afraid if  i install fm12 server on that macmini server and if any surprises comes im not ready in this moment.  that is why i am asking this question:( hoping someone done  same setup like this before.

     01. FileMaker will connect to mysql database with ODBC without any issue, 

     02. Filemaker server and mysql Server  will work on same OS X server. 

     03. FileMaker server hosted file acess  via Fm Go ,  (This server can access by outside )

     Will this setup works ? any thoughts ?