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    FM Go 12: Scroll Window [Home], is this a known bug?



      FM Go 12: Scroll Window [Home], is this a known bug?


           (Please forgive me if this has been officially listed as a known bug somewhere or has been previously discussed in another forum.  I did use the search tools available and no helpful links were found.)

           Does anyone know a workaround for what seems to be a FM Go 12 bug with the script step "Scroll Window [Home]"?  I've test this on numerous iOS devices (both iPad and iPhone with the lastest iOS updates) and not a single one responds to this scripted action.  The other options for scrolling - End, Page Up, Page Down, To Selection - all seem to function properly.  As someone else mentioned in a previous thread, double-tapping a button with "Scroll Window [Home]" as its only script step will actually work.  However, as is the case with most iOS apps, this action also causes the view to zoom in - clearly not a workaround.

           This is a basic and extremely necessary script action for an iOS environemnt.  If not already reported, is there an official link for me to report a bug like this to FM?

           (Just to clarify, the "Home" option DOES appear to work in FM Go 11)