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    FM Go 13 on FM12 using GoZync ... issues :(



      FM Go 13 on FM12 using GoZync ... issues :(



           For over 6 months we've had a FileMaker installation running FM12 server, GoZync 3 and FM GO 12 clients.  Recently, a new user downloaded FM Go 13.  The app looks like it works, but cannot sync the data successfully.  We are working on upgrading to GoZync 4 but I just thought I should check to see if anyone else had this issue or something similar, and how did you solve it ?

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               We are using Gozync as well, but we are already on version 4 and fmgo 13... Works great..  If you need help with the upgrade process I would email or call gozync's support team.  

               I came up with a way to run both version 3 and 4 at the same time on the server side, this will allow your users to upgrade as needed.. instead of a hard cut.  The only downside is that you have to merge the data afterwards.. (not too hard though)