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FM Go 13.0.8 crashes and db corruption  - how to fix?

Question asked by fabiuz on Feb 5, 2015
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FM Go 13.0.8 crashes and db corruption  - how to fix?



I have recently moved from FM Pro ADV 11 to FM Pro ADV 13, so I have also update the db file and the FM Go app on my iPhone.

I was thinking to get a better iOS 8 compatibily, better speed and less battery usage but I am getting the opposite,

What I do every day with my db, is to copy it from my computer to my iOS device, then I go out, I work on it from my phone, the when I come back home I copy it back from the iOS to my computer overwriting the previous db.

Since I have update all to version 13, I am getting more then some troubles: the iOS app sometimes crashes, battery usage seems higher and it has corrupt the db on the phone more then two times.

This is very bad when I am out for work and I have all the data I need on the db not accessible anymore :-/

When it becomes corrupted, it seems that file size changes, data inside is not correct and I got errors like:

- I cannot find this script or this script has been deleted,

- the file is damaged and cannot be opened, use recovery on the computer to fix;

- host communication has been interrupted (the host is the ios device itself)


I had to recover my db one time already and  I hope this have not breaked the file and db data/relationships.

After a crash on iOS, when I am able to reopen the db, fm go preferences are lost too.

I have no issues on the file while I am working with the computer.


Does anybody have suggestions about what to do at this point?


My db is quite complicated and I cannot replicate or recreate it easily.

How I can investigate the cause of the crashes and troubles on iOS?

How can I be sure that the upgrade from fm 11 to fm 13 is not the cause of my troubles?