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    FM GO and iCloud



      FM GO and iCloud


      It will be good to see an upgrade on FM GO that would enable saving of FM files on the new iCloud servers.  I'd be curious to learn if this would be an alternate way to update FM files on the go, as opposed to utilizing FM Server ?  Any thoughts ?




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          I agree with Cammot.

          There should be a real sharing posibility between different devices and between different users.


          Can somebody from the Filemaker side react on this please ?

          Can we expect some in the near future ?

          In the far future ?

          Or never ? (it's better to give us some bad news than no news at all)


          Looking forward to the answer

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            cammot and Roy Merchier:

            Thank you for your posts.

            Since we are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Apple Computer, we neither discuss nor speculate on future products.

            I recommend that you both enter these suggestions into our Feature Requests web form at:


            These web entries are read by our Development and Product Management departments where they are then discussed an considered for future releases.  Although I could copy your posts and pastte them into the web form, there are a couple of questions asked that only you can answer.

            FileMaker, Inc.

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              iCloud is a personal file storage and sharing site. It is not a commercial site hosting Filemaker on a server. You cannot open Filemaker files stored on iCloud. You can find numerous hosting sites on the internet. You can also use DropBox or SugarSync to share files. You can also use IWP to create what you want on iCloud.

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                Nobody is suggesting using iCloud as a commercial site !,  The ability to store personal FM GO files on iCloud is simply a convinence and feature that would lend itself very nicely to to updating the same files on both iPhone, iPad and iCloud - like is done with contact.  A big win for FM GO if the develope can make this happen.   But I can also see how this wonderful feature would hurt commercial sites - commenting on this thread perhaps !. 

                I have made this recommendation on the request site posted previously on this thread.


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                  Create your own Cloud using Filemaker: http://wp.me/p1AmGx-gP

                  You can use your desktop or home computer to act as a Filemaker Server by sharing files on your computer. Create one file to store the files you want to share and then others can download the files at a click of a button. Better than the Cloud...

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                    I went to that link but there really isn't any information there about how to create my own cloud. Is there somewhere I go to get it?


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                      I did not know FileMaker was owned by Apple if that is the case why don't you have a way to easily convert a solution to a apple app.  This would be a valuable added feature or service.  I currently use FMtouch Enterprise to convert my FileMaker solutions to a IPad app takes only a few minutes to convert but their service is very limited on what can be done with scripts and the size limit for the DDR is 10megs. So any solutions DDR larger then 10 Meg's you can't convert to app.

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                        I also think the ability to access personal files via iCloud would be excellent.  I am not a proffesional user, I have been using Filemaker since it was Filemaker II - before it became a seperate company from Apple (although stil wholly owned by them) and before it achieved 'Pro' status.

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                          I agree with the OP, iCloud for sharing databases from a Mac to an iDevice would be a great addition.

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                            Let's you 'share' or transfer files from your desktop to your IOS devices.

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                              Put your FileMaker files in DropBox. Open them in DropBox on an iDevice, and send them to FileMaker Go. Make some changes.

                              Now what? How do you get the changed file back into DropBox? Please correct me if I'm wrong, but there's no way to do this on the iDevice; you have to use iTunes to transfer the file from FileMaker Go back to your computer, and then drag it back into the DropBox folder on the computer. Plus, if you forget to re-copy the file from DropBox into FileMaker Go (i.e. you just open the file that's already there) on any other iDevice, you're using old data.

                              That's really not a useful solution.