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FM Go and VPN problems (maybe related to iOS 7)

Question asked by KevinThompson on Oct 16, 2013
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FM Go and VPN problems (maybe related to iOS 7)


     Working with FM Go on an iPhone with iOS 7 and a FM Server 12, and fmreauthenticate is unchecked.  My current process is to turn on the VPN, open FM Go, connect to the database, and log in.  Two problems - 

     1. Normally, if I stopped using the phone and the VPN disconnects, I could reconnect the VPN first, then open FM Go and it would automatically re-connect to the database without having to log back in.  Now, after updating to iOS 7, the database disconnects every time so I have to reload it and log in.  I feel like I'm the only one with this issue because I can't find anything online!  Maybe it's because of how iOS 7 "closes" apps in the background?  

     2. The VPN process is a pain!  Is there any way to get FM Go to auto-connect the VPN?  Could I build an app to connect the VPN, open FM Go, and open the database?  My IT guy says Cisco Anyconnect is not an option, and 

     Thanks for the help!