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FM Go attachment limit - around 5,8 MB

Question asked by janfm on Apr 24, 2013
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FM Go attachment limit - around 5,8 MB



     I have encounter this really interesting problem when sending email with attachment from FileMaker Go. When I was testing DB on PC (running Win 7) I had no problem sending email with attachment from FM Pro Advanced. Size was about 13 MB and I was using "Send Email" function from script. Now, this same DB without touching anything in configuration wouldn't send this same attachment on iPad. Later did testing and found out that limit is somewhere around 5,8 MB. Also tried with fmp12 and txt extension.

     What we want to do is "Save a Copy as" and then email it. When I used this function with "Create email with file as attachment" it would open iOS default mail client and I would have to manually enter email addres, subject and text body - we want to have this automated. But it would send email with 13 MB attachment.

     Red somewhere that FM doesn't have limit on email size, so it could be that mail server is limiting.

     When I did error capture it gave 1506 error code.

     I'm tried with Google as smtp mail server and another we use for emails, both have different security settings.

     I'm wondering is it possible that iOS is limiting email size for third party email clients, or there could be that some certificate is involved.

     iPad iOS version is 6.1.3, and FileMaker Go version is 12.0.6

     Thanks for any help!