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    FM GO Bandwidth needs



      FM GO Bandwidth needs


      I'm working on a proposal for a survey system that would use FileMaker Go opening a database shared from FileMaker Pro running on a MacBook.  We'd connect using the MacBook's built-in WiFi. At what point should I worry about response on the tablets being slow - either due to bandwidth on the wireless connection or due to serving the db up using FM Pro? Would 4 tablets be fine, but 8 tablets be a sluggish?

      Any thoughts on what I might change to accomodate up to 10 tablets per MacBook - or is what I'm already suggesting reasonable?



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          Do surveyors access the database very often? The critical question is not whether you have the max number of users for Filemaker Pro but what are they doing? What kind of scripts do you have? Do you use Replace Field on 50,000 records. How often do you sort and how many records.

          I would suggest you look at the very fast tablets that run Filemaker Pro, not Go. These give MacBook speed but they are Windows. Last week or so I wrote a page or two on my Blog about this  www.gofm.biz. Pictures and urls... Frankly if I were going to do a project that wanted to use something like an iPad, I'd give serious thought to using one of these new tablets instead. They are many, many factors faster than an iPad or iPhone.

          You don't have to use Go, you know.