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FM Go connection problems

Question asked by VincentYoung on May 4, 2011
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FM Go connection problems


I am stuck. I have gone through many posts and configurations and just can not seem to get FMgo to connect to my databases. I can connect via intranet but not over internet. In directions it says to make sure you are connected via wifi, (not sure if that means you can not use FMgo via a 3g iphone) I can connect via safari over 3g to my db, but not with FMgo. I went to starbucks and got on wifi (because I would be on intranet at my house) and could not connect.  I have a dynamic IP but my router is always on and over the past 5 days or so my ip is unchanged. I forwarded port 80 to (the pc with the running fm7 files) i granted permissions, even gave the fmmobile extended priveleges in the manage security dialogue boxes.

When at my house, wifi off on phone, I entered the my.ip.add.ress without the :80 forwarding on my iphone over 3gs and it picked it up and showed the database (I tried briefly to enter data, but it was slow, and I really only wanted to see if I could connect)

In FMgo at starbucks I entered my.ip.add.ress (for verizon fios router, not the and it comes up with nothing and then asks me to append filename and still does not pick it up. I also tried the my.ip.add.ress:80 without succes. Also as far as I can tell, the router is not using 80 for something else(iphone scenario probably would not have worked). FM Pro 11.0v3, FMGo 1.2.1

I have both IWP and FMnet sharing activated. Does FMGo use one or the other or can  use both?

It would be a sleek solution to do it over the net, but if I cant figure this out, i am dont want to bang my head forever, and I will end up copying the db to the mobile device and manually import new data.


Any ideas.

thanks in advance.