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FM Go crashes, freezes iPads. iOS8 related?

Question asked by vickyn on Mar 2, 2015
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FM Go crashes, freezes iPads. iOS8 related?



My client sends out one-record databases via email to his service techs, who receive them on their iPads and transfer them into FileMaker Go 13 for when they go onsite (where there frequently isn't any internet access) to fix stores in malls and need signatures etc offline. They send the files back via email when done, and my client synchs them into the online databases. This process has been in place for about a year, and was working pretty well. WAS.

I can't be sure but it seems like since iOS 8 came out for the iPads, we have been having tremendous problems with the techs' iPads freezing when using FileMaker Go, FM Go quitting, and/or seeming to get corrupted so that the techs can't send back their completed files.

This is not just an annoyance (as I read in another post). My client is ready to get rid of the technology and go back to paper job tickets because he and the techs are so frustrated that he's actually had a couple of them quit.  And my role as consultant/developer is also in jeopardy, because I can't just tell them to quit/relaunch FM Go or reinstall it all the time (especially when the latter makes them lose their job tickets--files--that they haven't been able to send back, and some of that data--like work approval signatures--is irreplaceable).

It's been my experience over many years that when an iOS release comes out, apps usually have to be upgraded to deal with it, and vice versa. I have other apps that I use on my own iPad/iPhone that have had new releases since iOS, but FM Go hasn't had an upgrade come out since iOS, right?

I really don't know what to do about this. Service techs are not technology-savvy, and feel like the iPads should work. I don't know what to tell them beyond quit or reinstall. My client feels like he can't grow his business and maybe needs to retrench. I am about to lose a client, I'm afraid, because of this.