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FM Go existing pdf file not getting overwritten

Question asked by sastickf_1 on Feb 18, 2013
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FM Go existing pdf file not getting overwritten


     I am stumped and I can't seem to find a similar discussion on the forum.  Last night, one of my iPad users showed me how after he modified a record (and/or settings that set globals controlling how the records print), the existing pdf file (with the same name) on the iPad did not get overwritten.  (The pdf that displayed after he selected to print to pdf was the one that had been previously created prior to the record and/or settings modifications.)  Why is the existing .pdf file not getting overwritten each time the record is printed to pdf with the same file name?

     I am setting a variable $FileName as:

     defaultID = "Document " & MSG  Messages::ID;
     myDocID = MSG  Messages::User Personal ID;
     docID = Case(IsEmpty(myDocID) = 0; myDocID; defaultID)
     Get(SystemPlatform) = -1; "filemac:";
     Get(SystemPlatform) = -2; "filewin:"
     ) &
     Get(DesktopPath) & docID & ".pdf"

     Then, the next script step is:

     Save Records as PDF[Restore; No dialog; "$FileName"; Automatically open; Records being browsed]