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FM Go Get Signature Locking Issues

Question asked by KimberlyMadore on Aug 20, 2011
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FM Go Get Signature Locking Issues


I'm playing with making a small database for my ipod touch and I have some container fields that I want the user to be able to edit and some container fields that I want to be locked/display only for the user.

I have a 1-record table that contains several global fields.  Some of these global fields are container fileds.  I'm using container fields to hold icons (1 container field stores an icon, then a global container field auto fills with the stored icon and the global container field is placed on various layouts.  That way, if I decide to change an icon image, I can do it in one place for all layouts to update).  The global container fields for the icons should not be editable by any user.

When I brought my database to my ipod, every time I entered a layout it would put me into the global container field for an icon and allow me to replace the image.  Unchecking "browse mode" on these fields on the layouts did not help, so I set up a user login account with security settings that did not allow modifying the icon global fields.  That stopped the constant triggering on the container fields.

However, that seems to have stopped the triggering on container fields that I do want the user to edit.  I have one global container field that I want to capture a signature and apply it to a list of records.  I find I am unable to trigger the "get signature" option by clicking into the global or the non-global container fields for the signatures.  I'm able to add a signature if I login as the admin, but if I login as the user, the field is locked.  The global field for the signature is set to modifieable for the user account. 

Any ideas?  I haven't found anyone else posting an issue like this, so I'm hoping it really is just something I'm doing wrong.