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FM Go Import Questions

Question asked by RecPro on Dec 6, 2010
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FM Go Import Questions


Hi Everyone,

(Import from FMS to FM Go)

We have set up a script which allows data to be imported from a file hosted on FMS into a local file on FM Go.  Is there a way to trigger the import script on the FM Go file from a script in the FMS file?  In essence we would like to push data from the FMS file to the FM Go file without having to physically go to the FM Go file.
When we attempt to run the external script from the FMS file we receive an error message telling us the FM Go file cannot be found.

(Import from multiple FM Go files to FMS)

We have also set up scripts which allow us to import data from a FM Go file to a FMS file.  If there are multiple copies of the FM Go file can the $FilePath variable in the FMS file distinguish between the individual files?
$FilePath =  Get ( DocumentsPath ) & "FMGo_filname.fp7"
I'm hoping the file path will be unique to each FM Go file which is calling it so we don't need to unique filenames for all of our FM Go files.

Thanks for your help,