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    FM GO manual record sort



      FM GO manual record sort


      I'm a bit out from purchasing an iPad and FM Go, so I'm in the dark about touch behaviors. I'm using FM 11 but wil be upgrading sometime next week to FM 12.

      Can I tap and drag records to manually sort a list in FM GO or do I need to create a more traditional layout with buttons and scripts?

      I own a machine shop and my primary customer sets priorities almost daily with updated quantities. Being able to manually priortize a list of records by tap and drag on the iPad at my customers site would be a godsend. They maintain their current orders in Excel so I'm fairly certaion that I could incorporate their data directly into an FM 12 database without issue.

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          Thomas May:

          Thank you for your post.

          FileMaker Go performs like FileMaker Pro, so if you have buttons/script triggers/etc. to manually sort records in FileMaker Pro, those same scripts should work in FileMaker Go.  There are a few script steps that are not supported in FileMaker Go.  For FileMaker Go 1.2.4, see Knowledge Base Article #7734 at:


          For FileMaker Go 12, see Knowledge Base Article #10742 at:


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            To sort records in FileMaker, you can tap a column heading (if in table view) or select Sort from the records menu (in any view). You can also set up a button that uses the sort records option or that performs a script that includes the same sort records step.

            If you are trying to use drag and drop to sort the records into an arbitrary order, then no, that's not a feature of Filemaker. You can, however, edit a number field used in your specified sort order to set an arbitrary order by entering different numbers into that number field.

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              Thanks for the both the responses. I'll build what I need into the database, though I would hope that the future for GO is much more touch enabled.

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                You can create a field "Priority Sort" and enter a number and have the list auto-sort based on that number. Not quite the same but the end result will be.

                Make the sort order from highest to lowest.

                You might speed this up using a popup list so the user can add numbers or a popup menu with a locked in set of values.

                You could also use text and create a value list in the order you want the text to sort and set the field to sort according to the value list order. For instance:

                First Priority
                Middle Priority

                Assigning the sort order to this value list will result in the records being sorted in this order. 

                You could add a second field for numerical sorting within the first sort.

                This works quickly with large numbers of records where as drag and drop would be very slow and tedious with a thousand records. Although dragging and dropping in the layout and script editors is very convenient but a bit of a problem at times.