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    FM Go must be free



      FM Go must be free


      I think that tool must be free or at least not more then 1,99 like all more featured iPhone application.

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          Personally, I was more than happy to pay the going price for it. It would be nice to have one universal app that you could put on both your iPhone and iPad instead of buying both separately, but FM did a great job with it and I really have no problem with their pricing.

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            No way! Why should a good product and a good service be free? I want quality and very happy to pay for quality products and services. I generate my income with quality work. Where would be to incentive if it would be free? 

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              If it's not free, $4.99 iPhone and $9.99 iPad, whit same good service and quality or like Bento $4.99 for any platform.

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                I think they would stand to benefit from lowering the price somewhat to promote more widespread adoption, I'll grant that.

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                  Think of the demographic of people who would be buying this app. They must all have purchased filemaker for PC or Mac and also must know how to use it. More often than not business users. Thats gonna be a whole lot less people than the mob buying pocket gods and zombie highway. I think the term is 'economy of scale'. Therfore with only limited people buying a product the cost to produce per unit is much higher. I would much prefer to pay good $ and have our feature requests seen to in a timely manner than have it as a free and less supported product.

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                    FM Go DB app store with free runtime on iOS, developers need Fm Pro $299 or Advanced $499. Business can purchase DB app from $0.99 to $9.99, then it's look Apple model and i hope it's not to bad for Apple, customers and developers. 

                    If you don't have enough demographic of customers  try to obtain more or copy the one who does it well.

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                      I think it is a great price. In fact, I hope they roll out a client app for Mac and PC. I know we can create stand alone systems with Advanced but it has no ability to connect to servers. All of my clients never touch DB production and don't need all that power. 

                      I guess you guys don't remember the day Touch came out... almost $100! I know Go has some problems (some I hope to god almighty they get to it) but most things work great. They are adding many things each time (just hope they add audio support in containers) so let's push forward, design some cool things for our clients that go mobile too, and get Filemaker the cash support they need to push this to the next level. 

                      It doesn't take long to fool around with it on an iPad or iPhone and see how helpful this is for your business and/or clients. I even bundle up the whole price of the iPad with the solution for my clients and they love it.

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                        Oh, yeah, a thin client for Mac/PC would be great. None of my users does any FM dev work.