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    FM Go over internet



      FM Go over internet


            I am trying to use Filemaker Go. Everything works great when I'm on my network but It does not work through the internet. I've done everything the other posts suggested. I've used  port forwarding software, turned on Filemaker Network Sharing. I've used my computer IP address and my routers IP address to no avail. I'm using Filemaker 12 and Filemaker Go 8. Any suggestions?

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               Your firewall will have to have port 5003 open.   

               Here is a post with step by step instructions on how to connect.

          Cannot remotely connect to FMP 12 from iPad or iPhone

               If you have any more question after trying the steps on the other post, please post your questions on this post and not on the other post.


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                 FileMaker Go 8?

                 I think that you are using FileMaker GO 12 or "Everything works great when I'm on my network" would not be the case. wink

                 This isn't something that I've set up myself so I won't be able to follow up on this with you but:


                      I've done everything the other posts suggested.

                 is a bit vague. You know exactly what you've tried that didn't work and what your current settings are in each of these areas, but anyone responding can't tell that. Chances are that a knowledgeable person will need to check each of these settings with you to confirm that they are correctly set up. You can help out that process if you carefully document your current settings in each of these areas.

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                   I don't know how the other post is vague, if the posts are read in order.  I have retype in word giving step by step instructions in order.



                   This document assumes you have file sharing enable and accessible from your local network.

                   To access your shared databases from an outside network you will have to setup port-forwarding on your router to the hosting computer.  When you turn on sharing in Filemaker, a ip address is displayed.  This is the local ip address of the hosting computer.  Your modem/router from your internet provider has a public id address, which is an ip accessible from an outside network.  Port forwarding on your router, tells your router where to sent request that come into it from different ports.  Filemaker recommend using port 5003.  Routers have different setting for port forwarding by brand and model, but the basic is the same.  You may have to review your owner’s manual for port forwarding.

                    You want to forward port 5003 to your local host ip address. 

                   Example Setting

                   Service Name : Filemaker
                   Protocol : TCP/UDP
                   External Starting Port : 5003
                   External Ending Port: 5003
                   Internal Ip address :  the local ip address of the hosting computer  This is the ip address display by filemaker when file sharing is turned on.

                   You will also need to open port 5003 on your firewall, so request will not be blocked.

                   There are several website that can test port 5003 to be sure it is open.

                   You can google or bing  Open Port Test

                   Example website :


                   leave the ip address this is your public ip address.  Enter 5003 into the port then click test.  If it states open you are ready to go.  If not then you need to verify the ip address on your hosting computer with the one that your router under port forwarding, then make sure your firewall has port 5003 open. You may have to refer to your firewall manual, how to open a port.

                   You will access your databases from an outside network by using your public id address with a colon and the port number appended to the end.   Public ip address ###.###.###.###:5003
                   substitute your public ip address for the ###.###.###.###


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                      I'm new to this forum so I don't know that I'm responding to your answer correctly (S Chamblee). I've used 2 different port forwarding software programs.

                     Your software recommendation still says that port 5003 is closed in fact  I tested all the ports and they are all closed (how could that be?). I'm a little confused about what IP address to use. Is it the computer address or the routers address? I really appreciate your help. Thanks

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                       Your router has a local ip address and a public ip address, the public ip address is assigned by your internet service provider.  The local ip address is assigned by your router, which can be changed.  This is address is usually and your router assign your computers on the network ip address based on this number,,, and so on.....

                       You need to configure your router for port forward using the software on the router, there would not be different software programs.   To configure your router you would enter the local ip address assigned to your router. or whatever the number is.   This is display under your network card setting as the gateway.  Your router manual would have the default ip address assigned to it.  Once you have your router ip address plug in it will ask for user name and password this is also located in the router manual.   After you login in to the router then you click port forwarding.  You setup the router to forward port 5003 to the local ip address of the computer hosting the file. (   Use the ip address that filemaker displays when you turn on file sharing, which is the ip address of the local computer. See the example setting in the first post.   The port will report as closed until you have this setup correctly and you test the port on the computer that is hosting the file.  Think of the local ip as room number is a large building and the public ip address the the address the post office uses.  From the website in the first post it display a public / external ip address and this is the ip address you use from an outside network to access your router .  Your router see a message coming in port 5003.  The router determines that 5003 belongs to a computer on the local network and forward that message to that computer.  You can access filemaker from the local network with the address but from a different local or outside network you use to gain access.

                       Note : I used fake ip address, so you will need to use your actual ip addresses.  You can usually find a manual to your router online from the manufactured of your router. There is are instruction on how to setup port forwarding in your router manual.

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                         I forget to mention.  Port 5003 is only required to be used with your public ip address.  The purpose of ports is to limit access to your local network by unauthorized users from the outside world.  About the only port that is usually open by default is port 80.  Therefore you have to open the port and tell the router where to router the call on the local network and that is called port-forwarding.

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                            Thanks for helping me. I did everything you said to do. I went to my routers software and opened port 5003. and it's still shows to be closed. Maybe I just have a bad router. Any ideas. Thanks again.

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                             I don't think it's a bad router.  What brand and model router do you have, maybe I can lookup some information about your router for you and see if there may be something that you're missing.

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                                It's a Linksys E900 by Cisco. Thanks

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                                 Ok, what is the ip address of your hosting computer.  I don't want the public ip address, just the local ip, should be 192.168.1.something.   Don't put your public ip address on here because someone could hack your system.  When you turn on filemaker sharing an ip address is displayed what is that ip address.

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                                     I've got a PDF copy of the owners manual.  The default ip address for the router is, default user name is blank unless you have a E4200 V2 then the user name is admin, the default password is admin.  After you log into the router you should click Applications & Gaming, Single Port Forwarding, Give it a name such as Filemaker, Enter 5003 for Internal and External Port, Ip address wants the last 3 digits of the hosting computer so enter 120 here.  Then there should be a save button or apply button.  After doing this step go to the hosting computer and test port 5003 for being open.  If it is still closed let me know your operating system versions and what firewall you have enable on the hosting computer.

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                                        I performed all those steps you outlined but I went back and rechecked. 5003 is still closed. My operating system is Windows 7 Home Premium version 6.1.7601service pack 1 build 7601. Windows fire wall is allowing Filemaker through the firewall. Thanks

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                                          I was checking system information and noticed under "Problem Devices" that the "Device Internet Access Server" did not have drivers installed. Could this be the problem?

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