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FM Go Report Printing Result Diverges from That of FM Pro

Question asked by illumine on Nov 18, 2014
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FM Go Report Printing Result Diverges from That of FM Pro


I have a FM Pro solution under development which I'm porting to iOS/FM Go.  A report generation feature in the file works like a charm in FM Pro but not so much in FM Go.  That is, the report layout processes to its final, ready-to-print form when placed (via script) into Preview Mode in FMP but seems to not enter Preview Mode at all in FMGo.  I say this for the following reasons:

  1. The report should break up into two 8-1/2" x 11" pages when placed into Preview Mode, due to the high number of records in the found set.  It does in FMP but not FMGo.
  3. Individual records shouldn't be able to be put into focus by clicking or tapping on them while In Preview Mode (as I understand it).  They don't in FMP but they do in FMGo.
  5. A merge field in the footer gets some of its page count data from an associated script but it appears to NOT have processed in FMGo though it does when the layout is placed in Preview Mode in FMP.
  7. In FMGo, when I attempt to print the described document in a viewable .pdf format all I get is the header, one record (not the dozen or so that should be included), and a footer whose script has obviously not executed.


I'm fairly new to the iOS system and this is my first attempt to port a FMP solution to FMGo so this problem has me at a loss.  I'm hoping someone has already seen this (I researched the web but no joy) and can steer me straight.  I need to present the solution on an iOS/iPad platform in its present state of development to school staff tomorrow and I need this process to work correctly.

Many thanks, as always.

OSX v.10.7.5  //  FMPA v.13.0v3  //  iOS v. 8.1  //  iPad Air (2 months new)  //  Experience: Novice to low intermediate